file cabinet smoker (2016)

Over the course of several weekends, I recycled a metal file cabinet into a functional meat smoker + BBQ. I’ve detailed my process further here. This particular smoker is no longer usable, having severely rusted after a few years in the Oregon rain. No covered deck at the time, whoops!

1 all-metal file cabinet, 3 metal grates, 3 cans of heat-resistant grill paint, 3 BBQ thermometers, 2 floor vents, wood.

Standard 4 drawer file cabinet Cooking-grade metal grates in packaging from the store Front shot of cabinet with thermometers installed in drawer faces Top down shot of inside of open drawers Bottom drawer open with a fire set inside A tiny amount of smoke exiting the top Closeup of a thermometer, reads 220 degrees F A ton of smoke pouring out the top Close up of heat-resistant spray paint for grills Fully painted cabinet. Looking clean. Various peppers in the top drawer Raw meat placed in a lower drawer Close up of hole in the back of firebox for airflow Various peppers after smoking Meat mid-cook Closeup of active cabinet Final shot of homemade cabinet smoker in all its glory


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