dieter rothko (2013)

Background: A project for ARTD250 taught by Ty Warren circa 2013. Really fun series of classes.

Prompt: Create a 10-page artist’s book utilizing found text as a major component.

Dieter Roth. Mark Rothko. A match made in mash-up heaven.

124 pages, acrylic on newspaper, bound in cardstock

approx. 3.25’’ x 3.25’’ x 0.4’‘

Cover of artist's book. Outside cover is a portion of a Rolling Rock case. Book standing upright, hinting at colorful pages within. Scan showing appearance of all pages prior to binding. Inner pages sourced from the campus newspaper, the Daily Emerald. More pages in a pre-bound state. As in the previous shot, many text elements have been blocked out with big fields of color Showing more pages pre-binding. One sneaks in here looking more like a Pollock than a Rothko.

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