Creative technologist passionate about design systems, responsive web design and accessibility.

I believe the web should be enjoyable for all.

To me, that means that websites should:

  • Load quickly with minimal page bloat and disruption (no unnecessary tracking, excessive and obtrusive advertisements, autoplaying videos etc.)
  • Be functional for all users regardless of their manner of access (sighted or screenreaders, navigable by keyboard, mouse or touch, etc.)
  • At the bare minimum, pass WCAG-AA accessibility guidelines

The web can be so much more than it is. Let's make it better.

Working across the web tech stack, I've consulted, architected, and delivered numerous projects for clients big and small with all sorts of use cases.

I love to design and architect design systems and responsive component libraries in close collaboration with designers. In the past, I've helped build and maintain agency-wide front-end tooling for consistently delivering best practices to clients and stakeholders. Rapid prototyping is my jam.

I'm comfortable working in and with a number of languages and technologies, but have a strong preference towards modern Javascript and CSS. I've been a mostly off-and-on contributor to the Drupal ecosystem for eight+ years. A long time ago (read: 2015), I dove into node and an early edition of Pattern Lab to build a command line-based training module around atomic design concepts for It is not being maintained.

I mentor new and junior developers and perform duties as a tech lead.

Designing for the web since '05.

I hacked together my first CSS file at age 12 customizing a phpBB forum theme. Years later in a college art class, I was exposed to the Processing language and rediscovered how magical that feeling of creation through code was.

After graduating from the University of Oregon with a journalism degree (minor in multimedia art), I continued my education with a four-month programming bootcamp. I've been a professional web developer since 2015, across all parts of the web stack. That means I know just enough SQL to be dangerous, but I'd rather work on the front end. 😉

Currently, I'm a senior software developer at Agile6, working on the modernization effort for serving millions of veterans nationwide.

Previously: Instrument, Phase2

If any of the above resonates with you, let's talk.

Feel free to send me an email or connect on linkedin with a message.

Please no recruiters. I'm happy where I'm at. 🤠

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