preserved lemons



two words. lemon season. preserved lemons. lemons, salt. closed jar. two months. home run.

in more than two words: quarter lemons, pack them into a mason jar with salt in alternate layers. fill the top of the jar with any leftover lemon juice. seal. flip the jars daily for the first week or two then leave them alone for another month and a half.

after waiting, the lemons will be preserved and absolutely incredible. i like to add the full lemon in things, but it can be very salty in the flesh, so it’s okay to scrape it off and only use the rind. you can also rinse briefly under running water to remove excess salt.

add preserved lemons to a dizzying number of dishes for a hit of bright flavor. i like to add a wedge into stews and soups (particularly the chicken and bean stew. it’s great in pasta sauces and with seafood. you can even get away with putting some into eggy dishes for a refreshing lightness.

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