i never really enjoyed mayo growing up. about the only thing i ever liked it in was deviled eggs, because who doesn’t love deviled eggs? i didn’t want mayo on my sandwiches, near my fries, or in my fridge in general. i’d buy a jar now and then for the odd dish but inevitably it would sit there for months, untouched and gross. then i learned how easy it was to make at home, and in usable quantities to boot. if you have an immersion blender, a few base ingredients in a takeout deli container become a delicious mayo in no time at all. so much tastier than store-bought, and way less waste (at least for me, because i end up using it all in a week or two).


here’s what you’ll need:

  • an immersion blender
  • a deli takeout container (32oz, the tall ones you get for soup to-go)
  • one egg
  • dijon mustard
  • a half cup to cup of oil, depending how much mayo you want to make. i use half a cup of vegetable oil (or olive oil if i want something a little more savory).
  • salt and pepper to taste

that’s all you need! and it’s very flexible as a base. sometimes i’ll add some of these things if i want to take it in a different direction flavor wise:

  • dill, capers, pickles for more of a tartar sauce style
  • ketchup or sun-dried tomatoes for more of a fry sauce
  • miso, extra egg yolks instead of egg whites for more of a kewpie-style mayo


  1. crack the egg into the takeout container and let it sit for a minute or two for room temp.
  2. add a spoonful of dijon. this will act as the emulsifier and help the egg and oil blend together smoothly.
  3. add a pinch of salt, some pepper and your choice of oil. i generally use half a cup of vegetable oil. 3a. if you are using other ingredients, add them now too (dill, pickles, etc)
  4. put the immersion blender in the container all the way to the bottom and start blending on a low speed.
  5. keep blending at a low speed until all the ingredients are mixed together. it should take about two minutes tops.

once the mayo is made, it’ll keep in the fridge for up to two weeks. use it for anything you would use mayo for… grilled cheeses, BLTs, tuna salads, as a cooking fat, sandwich condiments, etc.

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