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I discovered the game Last Epoch this week and let me tell you, I am hooked. If you are a fan of ARPGs (Diablo II, Path of Exile, etc.), I’m pretty sure you will be enthralled too. I don’t want to spoil anything, and also I couldn’t really if I wanted to. I’m currently playing blind, not looking up any build guides or anything of the sort and absolutely loving it. There are plenty of skills similar in form to other ARPGs, but Last Epoch delivers loads more flexibility, in a fairly easy-to-understand skill tree. Different options in each skill tree can vastly change how a given skill functions, which means you can shift your playstyle to your heart’s content. The crafting mechanism is pretty nifty too. It was a little overwhelming at first glance, but once I took the time to read how it works, it clicked for me pretty quickly. There are plenty of helpful guides included in the game for the different features, too.

The only downside for me so far is that the controller support (either on the Steam Deck or a controller connected to it) isn’t quite at the level that the keyboard/mouse interactions are. But they seem to be patching and making improvements pretty regularly, so hopefully all of the controller kinks are sorted out soon. For the time being, I recommend playing on a machine with a keyboard and mouse (but it still runs perfectly fine on a steam deck with graphics sliders turned down a bit).

All in all, 5 out 5 stars and I’m only level 40. This game kicks ass. It’s basically everything I wanted Diablo 4 to be, and at half the cost. What’s not to love?

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