dug up some old photos from the time i attempted to walk el camino de santiago starting from st. jean pied-de-port on the french/spanish border. spoiler alert, i pulled my groin after ~175 miles or so and decided to check out a bunch of museums instead. i can’t wait to try again.

this first photo is technically not in spain, but at the frankfurt airport. not what i was expecting when i ordered a hot dog.

the famous wine fountain

wine fountain, bottled. the best two buck chuck i’ve ever had.

this bus marks the end of my journey on the camino. i could barely limp into town and an incredibly helpful spanish family drove me to the bus station. i took this bus to madrid and hunkered down for several days in the closest hotel to the bus station i could find until i could comfortably walk again. it was a business mariott and i was surely the dustiest customer they had ever seen but they let me stay anyways.

once i could walk, i left the business mariott (not really affordable at all) for group hostels elsewhere in madrid and valencia. lots of museum and club photos to follow

this next part is pretty funny actually. i ran out of money and failed to read the calendar correctly. the airport in madrid also doesn’t let you go through security until a couple of hours before your flight. so i accidentally arrived 36 hours before my flight and slept in the area outside of security near-ish to baggage claim. i was not the only person doing this. the security guards were happy to look the other way until traffic picked up, then i had to steal naps at tables.

airport meal during layover in dublin

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