early 2024 site updates



2024 has been a year already and we’re only three weeks in. i’ve been mostly without power for the last six days, which i will cover more thoroughly in a different post. this post is not about that. this post is about the cool things i’ve done to this site already this year. i was working on adding gallery pages to the site when i lost power. when i got power back… i still felt the itch. and so it is done.

i’ve stubbed out the initial gallery pages for now, and they’re pretty empty… but in the coming weeks, i’ll actually add photos and context. neat!

i also did a decent refactor on how pages are pulled in from the github issue queue, so it should be even easier for me to add additional page types in the future, if i want to. maybe.

i think i fixed the generated og images on a lot of the main pages… i had forgotten to add it to their metatags 🤦

also refactored the mobile menu colors and link construction. the mobile menu is the only place the blogroll is currently surfaced… maybe it’s too hidden, but it felt a little cramped in the footer.

i even went ahead and fixed the rss feed and created a sitemap. i styled the rss feed based on this blog post from darek kay. i tried to style the sitemap in a similar fashion, but it isn’t quite working yet. that’ll happen this year too. maybe add these two and the blogroll to the footer menu, we’ll see.

i don’t know where this rush of energy to do these things came from, but i am not complaining. you have to ride it while you’ve got it. who knows how long until it comes back round again?

next up on features for this site:

  • updating gallery pages with actual content
  • fixing the blog search page, updating filters
  • maybe a theme refresh

until next time ✌️

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