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This site is perpetually under construction but coming along. 😎

It's mostly a place for me to post recipes I like and travel photos, with the occasional technical post or personal blog mixed in. Some work-related stuff can be found here too, but that's not what I want to talk about.

Thanks for stopping by. ✌️

In no particular order, these are recipes I get a lot of mileage out of...

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    ScHoolboy Q - Cooties [Blue Lips]

    ScHoolboy Q - Movie (feat. Az Chike) [Blue Lips]

    ScHoolboy Q - Love Birds (feat. Devin Malik & Lance Skiiiwalker) [Blue Lips]

    ScHoolboy Q - Yeern 101 [Blue Lips]

    ScHoolboy Q - Blueslides [Blue Lips]

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    Road House - ★½

    could be a whole star higher if it was an hour shorter. the nod to fast and furious 6 where dom jumps the highway to save letty was cool. also the scene where he punched the burning guy made me laugh. like it leaned into the ridiculousness the appropriate amount, too late into the movie. where have all the tight 90s gone!

    Top Gun: Maverick - ★★

    Top Gun - ★★½

    Kinds of Kindness - ★★★★

    first story was my favorite; extra half star for the dance at the end

    Don't Worry Darling - ★½

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    Spanish 🇪🇸 [37996 xp]

    Current streak: 411 days! Streak began: May 28, 2023

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    The last book I read was The Lathe of Heaven by Ursula K. Le Guin. Currently reading several books on sauna building.

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